Desk system 'Trailo'

The extensive desk family is the result of a very fruitful collaboration with Reiss Büromöbel while working for the design studio Läufer & Keichel.

The heart of the desk is the frame with its all-round sheet metal profile and die-cast aluminum brackets.

Accessories such as accoustic and privacy screens, document trays or screen holders can be attached to it. They are mounted on wheels and can be moved 360° along the tabletop at will. In doing so, the angles guide them around the corner and also serve as mounts for a wide range of different table legs with various functions.

The design of the desk refers in a special way to the novel manufacturing methods of Reiss, so table sizes can be produced individually and in a batch size 1 process.

Year: 2022

Client: Läufer & Keichel

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