Shelf 'Tana'

Before a skyscraper gets its facade, its structural core is revealed, which later, hidden under a glass front, only serves as the secret basis of a higher-level form.
The shelf TANA pays tribute to the beauty of the construction and celebrates the statics.

The shelves protrude into the room like a raw skeleton construction. The load-bearing elements are revealed just on the second sight. The steel angles come through the floor and transform structural necessity into a small detail.

The wall-mounted shelf TANA is designed as a modular system. With its different vertical and horizontal elements it offers the freedom to create various configurations.

Furthermore TANA is designed to always be easily assembled and dismantled.

Photos @ Fabian Frinzel

Colour Concept Carolin Sangha, @casa57 

Year: 2023

Client: Schönbuch

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